Check out the 2018 Merchantville Classic Car Show photos now up for viewing in our Gallery!!


The Merchantville Classic Car Show is powered by the Merchantville Task Force a Borough of Merchantville non-profit organization positioned to support local businesses, public events and other charitable efforts. The Merchantville Task Force is governed by the following people Eric Benjamin – President, Matt Gaskill – Vice President, Ryan Middleton – Secretary and Shawn Waldron – Treasurer.

Their Mission Statement is as follows:

The mission of Merchantville Task Force, Inc. is to promote interest in the preservation, history, culture, architecture and public use of Merchantville’s historic areas. It is a revitalization organization that utilizes historic preservation as an integral foundation for economic development. Promoting and encouraging social and recreational activities within the community is a major goal of the organization.

The Merchantville Classic Car Show committee is a combination of Merchantville Task Force members, local residents and car show enthusiasts motivated to bring the show back to its former glory.  We hope you and your family will enjoy the show and plan to attend for years to come!