Kevin Greening

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Kevin Greening was a founding member of the Merchantville Car Show who passed away much to young on June 24, 2017 at the age of 54. Kevin was a father of 8 children and a long time business owner in Merchantville and Pennsauken. Kevin was the owner of A & A Towing and the Merchantville Shell Station. It is tough to properly acknowledge all of the positive things Kevin did for the community and the many charities he supported. We would like to share a brief history of the Merchantville Car Show to recognize Kevin’s contribution. May he never be forgotten.

The Merchantville Car Show began in 1998 when one-time Merchantville Task Force member Betsy McBride wanted to have a street “Sock Hop” for a summer event.  The first people the Task Force turned to were Kevin Greening and Mike Rhea.  Kevin and Mike jumped into planning this new downtown event and helped create a show for the whole family.  There would be music, food, a petting zoo and kids games.  Mike Rhea brought in his brother Tommy to add a motorcycle show within the show.  That first Car Show & Sock Hop had about 300 cars and was a great success.  At the time a show in the downtown was unique to Merchantville, all the streets and every corner had something new to see or do.  Immediately after, planning began on a bigger and better show for the following year.  In a short time Merchantville became one of the most talked about car shows in South Jersey.

Over the years Kevin, Mike and Tommy invested thousands of hours in planning and implementing each show.  For several years they made it known that it would be their last show only to return the following year with another great event.  Eventually in 2013, Kevin and Mike decided along with Tommy that they needed a break and were ready to turn over the “keys” of the show.  Unfortunately the Merchantville Car Show had grown so big and they had created such a amazing event finding new chair-people was a near impossible task.  Many attempts to put together a new committee and undertake the huge task were unsuccessful.  In 2017 the Merchantville Task Force reorganized and made bringing back the Merchantville Classic Car Show a priority.  Word went out and a solid committee aware of the huge task before them was put together.  For the last year the team has worked hard to bring back a showcase that honors the hard work of Kevin, Mike and Tommy and all the volunteers that helped over the years.

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