Parking & Registration 2019

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NEW PARKING & REGISTRATION PROCESS FOR 2019 – First and foremost we hear you!  Of the many positive comments we received about last year’s show there were a few concerns with registration and parking.  So for 2019 we have restructured some things to make your experience better and want to give you some of the highlights here.

Over the years one of the things that makes the Merchantville Classic Car show a great event is the display of cars along our tree-lined streets however, this does not come without its own set of unique problems.  We are not parking on a large parking lot or open field as you know. Getting vehicles and clubs parked quickly and efficiently does not happen as easily as any of us would like but, we are going to try.

  1. Entrance into the show will be down Chestnut Avenue (same as last year) where we will collect your show fee or confirm pre-payment.
  2. You will then be directed toward one of four different directions for parking on one of our 9 sections of streets. 
  3. Once you are parked you can then proceed to our registration tents to get your dash card for judging and other goodies.

We look forward to seeing you all at this year’s show!

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